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A real time experience of actual PTE exam

Why Mock PTE?

Mock PTE is an industry standard test portal developed to help PTE Academic aspirants improve their skills. The website is aimed at giving the aspirants a real time experience of actual PTE exam.


Nimisha James

Hi, I’m Nimisha

Co-founder of

I’m a PTE coach, English language trainer, Engineer, novice cook and an overall lover of life.

I’ve been a PTE coach for 2 years… Whoa, that went fast!

I know this might sound like a cliché but I really just love to help people who struggle with PTE. It makes my heart smile (and after 2 years of tutoring I got pretty good too)

Over the 2 years, I have trained many brilliant and charming students in Sydney. To be specific, I have tutored around 600 students in 2 years.

And… I know what it’s like failing in PTE after attempting it multiple times. 6 months back, I had a student who had written PTE 22 times and succeeded at the 23rd time. It was one of the most joyful moments in my life when he achieved 79.

If you are struggling to succeed in PTE, feeling hopeless, or looking for some guidance, connect with me. We will weave a new story together.

You should know PTE is not cracked by luck, but by proper guidance and practice. Connect with me on 0432269874 for any PTE guidance.

P.S You should also know I can’t say no to dark chocolates Try having a chocolate before the test.

My Help

This is what you can expect from me.

One on one classes

I do provide one on one classes for students who really need help. This is more like a personalised coaching, correcting your mistakes if any, learning new tricks, adopting new strategies and practising PTE along with me. The service in now available only for Sydney students.

Crash course

This is a one day course. This will cover all 4 modules in one day. This course is most suitable for students who is attempting PTE for the first time. The service in now available only for Sydney students.

Sectional one on one

This is not a holistic course but this will cover only topics/modules you are struggling with.The service in now available only for Sydney students.


This is a virtual classroom course. Students across the globe can attend the session.

Practise materials plus mock test plus feedback

The course is for students having very busy schedule. They can attend the mock tests and ask the trainer to correct their answers and get feedback. Students will get practise materials along with it. Students all across the globe can use this service.


Here are some success stories.


Connect with Nimisha

Nimisha James

PTE Trainer